Monday, December 27, 2004

Weekend Ride to Sinhagad

Last week was pretty boring and uneventful. My boss is on leave, the boss's second-in-command went on leave too and there was not much work to do. Basically feeling really bored and wondering wether I should have gone home too :)
Went to Mumbai last weekend and had a blast. Let me reiterate, in case I have'nt already done so, Toto's garage pub rocks !!
This weekend I got invited to lunch at a friends place, who has recently got married. So had nice homely food after a long time. And then went for a ride to this old fort called Sinhagad near pune. Just around 50km from my place. The ride was fun even though roads in Pune suck big time. I think Pune must be among the worst in the country as far as roads are concerned.

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