Monday, December 27, 2004

Weekend Ride to Sinhagad

Last week was pretty boring and uneventful. My boss is on leave, the boss's second-in-command went on leave too and there was not much work to do. Basically feeling really bored and wondering wether I should have gone home too :)
Went to Mumbai last weekend and had a blast. Let me reiterate, in case I have'nt already done so, Toto's garage pub rocks !!
This weekend I got invited to lunch at a friends place, who has recently got married. So had nice homely food after a long time. And then went for a ride to this old fort called Sinhagad near pune. Just around 50km from my place. The ride was fun even though roads in Pune suck big time. I think Pune must be among the worst in the country as far as roads are concerned.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Symantec-Veritas and My Weekend :)

Guess what, this time I did'nt change a job for two months and the company got sold, so *technically* I'm in a new company !! Symantec has merged (acquired is a better word, IMHO) with Veritas in a 60-40 ratio, and the new entity plans to go with the Symantec name.

I went to bombay (mumbai !!) last weekend to party :) and meet a few friends. I had serious fun after a loooonnnngggg time. Especially Toto's garage pub rocks ... they play some of the most amazing metal I've heard in India. Way to go ... Toto's

Am back in office now and feeling very sleepy ... Boss is not in town, so I can afford to be lax ;)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Last 4 months !!

Sorry for not posting for a while now. A lot has happened in these last 4 months. I've changed jobs ... yet again and with a location change too ... and am now working in pune with veritas software.
I've bought a bike, the 350 cc Royal enfield thunderbird and am having quite a bit of fun generally with it and on it :)

I'm happy with the work here though it tends to get boring at times, but I don't plan to change my job now for the next one year atleast :)

Monday, May 10, 2004

My First Blog

I finally got a blog of my own :)
Hope I get enough time to maintain this now. Am extremely busy with my job right now ... hope this project gets through smoothly.

Take care All