Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apple launches ipod nano and the Motorola ROKR

So all the rumours were true ;) (As if I didn't know :) )

Apple has released a new ipod called the Ipod Nano and a new co-branded itunes enabled phone with motorola called ROCKR

I'm surprised this hasn't made slashdot yet !!

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GNOME 2.12 release

Check the Start page at:


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Apple special event

Ok. So this one might prove that I was right with my earlier post. Apple is apparently organising an invitation only special event and the invite says, "1000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again."

Yipppee again !! I wish the phones supports Edge networks. Moto Rockr its called, apparently !

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Apple/Motorola Launching itunes phone

Ok. So far from what I've read/seen, there have only been rumours about this one. And this is the first confirmation. Apple and motorola have been jointly working on an itunes capable phone since quite sometime and the phone is ready for launch. I got a mail from an apple dealer on a mailing list I subscribe to and here's what he has to say:

"Actually I am looking out for a new phone and a new service provider. I am testing out Reliance for the last one month for their billing since I am supposed to be on a better plan. If I am happy, I will be going in for the 6255. If I had it with reliance, I will be probably going in for IDEA and probably buy the Apple iTunes iPhone also called as the MOTO ROCKR from Motorola. The worldwide launch is set for a few hours from now!"

Read the last line carefully. Apple is set to launch the phone is a few hours from now. I'm in India so I'd guess that means the launch would be on 6 Sep in the US.

It seems that I'm the first one on the internet reporting this :)

the itunes phone is a reality ... yippeeee

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Update: Ok. I was wrong about being the first one to blog about this, but no one else has an authoritative quote from an apple seller himself ;)

Monday, September 05, 2005

MS Plans on better Unix integration with 2003 Server R2

Microsoft plans to increase Unix interoperability with the upcoming release of Windows server 2003 R2. MS plans to add support for a number of unix services like the Network File System (NFS) client, NFS Server, User/Name Mapping, Telnet Server & Client, Password Sync and NIS Server.

Can't say if this is Good news for Windows or Unix or maybe bad news for both !! But Microsoft sure is learning from its mistakes. Unix would now in one way or the other be present in all the current commercial OSs: OS X, BSD, Linux and now Windows. I remember a quote by one of the unix designers who when asked where do you see unix in 2020 has mentioned that he doesn't know where unix would be but it would still be called unix :)

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Friday, September 02, 2005

IBM Sponsored study claims Linux has lower TCO

Yet another IBM sponsored study claims that Linux has lower TCO than windows or unix. Meanwhile, the OSDL CEO says that Microsoft will eventually has to accept linux !!

Well Well !! Does it even matter anymore. People who use linux are moving to OS X and those who use windows are either sticking to windows or moving to linux/BSD/Unix/XXX. The point is that people use what they're confortable with and these TCO studies that claim linux is 40% cheaper than windows do nothing to change the people's opinion. And moreover, have you ever wondered why studies sponsored by companies like IBM, who publicly support linux anyway, always say that linux has lower TCO, while studies sponsored by microsoft and its allies always say that windows has lower TCO. So who should we believe !!

I bought an apple ibook a couple of months back, btw, in case you need to know my stance. I still use linux at work, though :)

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