Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Apple/Motorola Launching itunes phone

Ok. So far from what I've read/seen, there have only been rumours about this one. And this is the first confirmation. Apple and motorola have been jointly working on an itunes capable phone since quite sometime and the phone is ready for launch. I got a mail from an apple dealer on a mailing list I subscribe to and here's what he has to say:

"Actually I am looking out for a new phone and a new service provider. I am testing out Reliance for the last one month for their billing since I am supposed to be on a better plan. If I am happy, I will be going in for the 6255. If I had it with reliance, I will be probably going in for IDEA and probably buy the Apple iTunes iPhone also called as the MOTO ROCKR from Motorola. The worldwide launch is set for a few hours from now!"

Read the last line carefully. Apple is set to launch the phone is a few hours from now. I'm in India so I'd guess that means the launch would be on 6 Sep in the US.

It seems that I'm the first one on the internet reporting this :)

the itunes phone is a reality ... yippeeee

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Update: Ok. I was wrong about being the first one to blog about this, but no one else has an authoritative quote from an apple seller himself ;)

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