Friday, September 02, 2005

IBM Sponsored study claims Linux has lower TCO

Yet another IBM sponsored study claims that Linux has lower TCO than windows or unix. Meanwhile, the OSDL CEO says that Microsoft will eventually has to accept linux !!

Well Well !! Does it even matter anymore. People who use linux are moving to OS X and those who use windows are either sticking to windows or moving to linux/BSD/Unix/XXX. The point is that people use what they're confortable with and these TCO studies that claim linux is 40% cheaper than windows do nothing to change the people's opinion. And moreover, have you ever wondered why studies sponsored by companies like IBM, who publicly support linux anyway, always say that linux has lower TCO, while studies sponsored by microsoft and its allies always say that windows has lower TCO. So who should we believe !!

I bought an apple ibook a couple of months back, btw, in case you need to know my stance. I still use linux at work, though :)

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