Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Well, life on a farm is kind-a laid back
Ain't much an old country boy like me can't hack
It's early to rise, early in the sack
Thank God I'm a country boy.

A simple kind-a life never did me no harm
Raisin' me a family and workin' on a farm
My days are filled with an easy country charm
Thank God I'm a country boy.

Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle
When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle
And life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle
Thank God I'm a country boy.

When the work's all done and the sun's settin' low
I pull out my fiddle and I resin up the bow
But the kids are asleep so I keep it kind-a low
Thank God I'm a country boy.

I'd play "Sally Goodin'" all day if I could
But the Lord and my wife wouldn't take it very good
So I fiddle when I can and work when I should
Thank God I'm a country boy.

Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle
When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle
And life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle
Thank God I'm a country boy.

I wouldn't trade my life for diamonds or jewels
I never was one of them money hungry fools
I'd rather have my fiddle and my farmin' tools
Thank God I'm a country boy.

Yeah, city folk drivin' in a black limousine
A lotta sad people thinkin' that's mighty keen
Well folks, let me tell you now exactly what I mean
I thank God I'm a country boy.

Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle
When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle
And life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle
Thank God I'm a country boy.

Well, my fiddle was my daddy's till the day he died
And he took me by the hand and held me close to his side
He said, "Live a good life and play my fiddle with pride
And thank God you're a country boy."

My daddy taught me young how to hunt and how to whittle
Taught me how to work and play a tune on the fiddle
Taught me how to love and how to give just a little
Thank God I’m a country boy.

Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle
When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle
And life ain't nothin' but a funny, funny riddle
Thank God I'm a country boy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BeOS Revival ?

A company named yellowTAB has just released version 1.0 of their OS named Zeta. Zeta is based on the original source code by Be, Inc. OSNews has posted a review of Zeta 1.0 and it looks like it totally rocks ? If you're, like me, a BeOS fan, you should look at These guys are developing an open source BeOS lookalike which is binary and source compatible with BeOS r5. Seems like BeOS is indeed heading for a revival of sorts. I, for one, would love to atleast see the live queries functionality of BFS (BeOS file system) being incorporated in the current OSs. Apple has made progress on that front with spotlight and beagle on linux also looks headed on the same path.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)


"Often billed as the worst movie ever made, and not entirely undeserving of the title, this is a masterpiece of Ed Wood's making.
Bela Lugosi was cast in the role of "Ghoul Man" but passed away before filming really started.
So what happens? The producer's wife's chiropractor (Mr. Reynold's was the executive producer) takes over as "Ghoul Man" and holds his cape in front of his face THE ENTIRE MOVIE.
Add to this numerous plot inconsistencies, horrid acting, and masses of stock footage - some of which we see several times and you have a terrible but funny movie.

A highly advanced alien culture is determined to destroy Earth before our scientists discover a bomb which will explode sunlight, the description Eros gives of this is quite funny.
In order to destroy our world, of several billion people, they raise three zombies from the dead. :-)"

The movie is now available as a free download


Friday, July 15, 2005

Scientific Toys

Found this excellent site with description on how to make some cool toys which utilize and explain basic scientific principles.

IBM officially kills OS/2

From slashdot: IBM says that all OS/2 sales will officially end on the 23rd of December this year, and support for the pre-emptive multitasking operating system will end on the 31st December 2006. There is also a migration page for helping users migrate from OS/2 to Linux.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Web based ISP Control panel

Found this on freshmeat today:

This is almost exactly what Arden wanted me and Dinesh to develop. I wish this was available then :( It would have been easier to customize this than develop something from scratch.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Half-blood prince leaked

About 15 copies of the new Harry potter book, Half blood prince, were accidentally sold at a canadian store. Get the story here.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Problems with make

Just saw a nice informed editorial on freshmeat about the problems with GNU make.

Friday, July 08, 2005

OS X Tiger

Yippeeee ... I finally got OS X Tiger on my ibook. I will definitely post a review soon. I know I know the ibook review is also long due !!

Use gmail as file server

Just saw this new open source project at freshmeat:

This nifty php script allows you to upload your files to one (or more) gmail accounts effectively letting you use the gmail account as a file server. Neat !!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Download movies Before DVD

From slashdot:

Actor Morgan Freeman and Intel are starting a company that will sell movies over the Internet before they are released to DVD. "We're going to bypass what the music industry had to come up with, and that's to get ahead of the whole piracy thing," Freeman told reporters at Sun Valley after making his presentation, which was closed to the press. Wouldn't this just make it easier to pirate movies?"

Worse than Piracy ?

So you think piracy is bad ? Check this out. Apparently, it is possible to just purchase info about a person in Moscow as easily as its possible to purchase pirated software.

CDs with all kinds of information about persons living in Moscow are available for as little as $100 (canadian).

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Google Adsense

I have google adsense and adsearch configured now. The ads on the top of the page and the search box are because of that. I'll be refining this in the next few days. The end goal is to have this on my own site when I have it ;)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

iBook G4 review

Its been about two weeks since I got my iBook G4 and I must say, I'm loving it. The ibook looks more like a toy than a 'real' computing machine and that would deter most 'corporate types' from using it. You, obviously, wouldn't want your boss catch you playing with a white thing in office. Geeks like me, on the other hand, should have a field day with this one. Apple has, in recent times, been working hard to change its image, as a company admired by the creative people, to one admired by the creative people as well as the geeks. And we all know, the world uses tomorrow what the geeks use today. The ibook and powerbook lines as well as the biggest draw of 'em all, Mac OS X, are excellent geek pullers and OS X in particular is what pulled me towards apple.

Let me tell you, though, that apple makes excellent hardware too and you would appreciate this only once you've actually used an apple machine. The ipods as well as all their computers are engineered almost perfectly. OS X does take the cake because, simply speaking, is the best looking Unix of them all. Yes, I said Unix. Apple is probably the first company to have released a commercially supported desktop operating system based on Unix, or FreeBSD, to be precise. I've used FreeBSD on the desktop earlier and have been dabbling with Linux since the better part of the last decade, so I'm not new to PC unixes. What's different about OS X is the way "It just works". Probably because apple has tighter control over the hardware that goes into those machines, but that does'nt make OS X any less 'cooler' than it already is. Finally I can get some work done, instead of trying to get some stupid hardware or software working with my system. And yes I did load up linux on it. I loaded up the latest darling of the masses, Ubuntu Linux, on the ibook and when I powered it up, it looked so pale and featureless in front of OS X that I couldn't bother touching it even with a 10 feet pole and so I'm back to OS X only on my lovely ibook.

Coming back to the machine that this review is all about - The 12" iBook G4. Not trying to sound like a paid reviewer, I must say I'm pretty impressed with the ibook, so far. Despite being as portable as it is, apple doesn't seem to have made any compromises in making this machine. Almost everything about this system is perfect - The size, price, features. The screen at 12" still manages to pack in enough pixels (1024x768) to be comfortable enough to use. And the slot loading combo drive makes me think, why aren't the PC notebook makers using it. Let me warn you that if you've never seen an ibook before this, you are going to get a culture shock, like I got. If you, like me, believe that a laptop is/should always (be) black, the ibook is going to give your ego a beating. The ibook is white. Pure, simple white and it shines too :) Atleast the Apple logo on the back does light up when the ibook is powered on, and it doesn't hurt the appeal of the ibook one bit ;)

The first thing I tried with the ibook was playing music and I was kinda surprised. The tiny speakers do have a lot of power in them and, though, not loud enough to make you do the macarena, the quality of the sound produced is pretty decent considering the small package they come in. I tried watching a Jimi Hendrix DVD on the system and it played flawlessly in the iDVD player which comes up as soon as the system recognizes that a playable DVD has been inserted. OS X also displays different icons when you insert a CD-R and a CD-RW. Though, a small thing, it does make the system much more pleasant to use.

Have you ever tried connecting a PC portable to a network socket and struggled with the location of the ports. Most, if not all, PC portables have all the ports at the back of the system which makes them pretty hard and difficult to reach to. The iBook has all the ports on the left side of the system and the optical drive and the power socket at the right side. Simple and neat and you don't have to lift the turn the notebook 180 degrees ever just to attach a network cable, Exactly like it should be.

One gripe I have with apple is that they still ship one button mouse/trackpads with all their systems. Maybe, its just their way of doing things, but I do miss the right mouse button at times. As of now, I'm still getting used to their ctrl-click combination in place of the right mouse button.

Friday, July 01, 2005


We're symantec from today :)