Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Symantec-Veritas and My Weekend :)

Guess what, this time I did'nt change a job for two months and the company got sold, so *technically* I'm in a new company !! Symantec has merged (acquired is a better word, IMHO) with Veritas in a 60-40 ratio, and the new entity plans to go with the Symantec name.

I went to bombay (mumbai !!) last weekend to party :) and meet a few friends. I had serious fun after a loooonnnngggg time. Especially Toto's garage pub rocks ... they play some of the most amazing metal I've heard in India. Way to go ... Toto's

Am back in office now and feeling very sleepy ... Boss is not in town, so I can afford to be lax ;)

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