Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year at Panchgani

A Very happy new year to you all. I went to Panchgani/mahabaleshwar for new year. Spent two nights/3 days in the hills there and had so much fun :) We stayed in tents and had bonfires and stuff and it all was kinda cool. Ah well ... I went on my bike ... that was the real fun part. Though the drive was a short 100 kms only I still got long empty stretches to kinda stress test my bike as this was more or less my first trip outside the city. The bike does 80 easily and I don't see any reason it won't go beyond that, but I did'nt wanna put too much pressure on the piston and all on the first ride itself, so I kinda held back and did'nt go beyond 80. Good fun and good ride nevertheless. Oh !! Btw, did I mention we were two people weighing about 80-85 each and had about 10-15 kg of luggage too :) So .. you all know now ... I LOVE MY BIKE :)

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