Friday, March 28, 2008

What does China want from the world ?

I'm sure everyone has by now heard about the Chinese crackdown in Tibet. The Prime minister of Poland has even announced that he would not be attending the Olympic games inauguration ceremony if the crackdown doesn't stop. George Bush has phoned Hu Jintao and expressed that he is worried over the situation in Tibet. India has long maintained a silence on the issue and Tibetans all over the world are up in arms against the Chinese rule. Where does this end ? Is China listening to the world ?

I don't think so.

China has never bowed to pressure from outside and will not do this time also. China is a rogue nation which doesn't care about anyone but themselves. Look at the way they are trying to control the weather just so that they don't get rain during the olympic games. They absolutely don't care about the fact that they would actually be harming the environment for the rest of the world by doing so.

China's stance on Tibet has absolutely no base. China has more or less been able to capture the norther provinces and now wants Taiwan and Tibet too. I have no clue where will they head next. India ? Pakistan ? They have tried waging a war with India once and I wouldn't be surprised if they try that again.

China should be declared a rogue nation and dealt with as one. As soon as possible.

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